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Your Story - Kim

I was introduced to yoga at a young age but struggled to find the right yoga and right teacher for me. I wanted someone who was speaking to me, even though I couldn’t be in a class.

I found Travis in Ultimate Yogi and it was a life changing program. This was my yoga.

UY allowed me to heal my knee after surgery 3 years ago so that I was able to return to trail running. I was told that would never happen. Last summer (2016) I injured my piriformis muscle due to focusing on running and letting go of yoga. I knew yoga would be the cure, and returned to it sporadically in October after several months of dealing with the muscle and sciatic pain from my injury.

It wasn’t until 30/30 came out that I really made progress. I was disappointed at how much I had lost when I fell off my yoga wagon. I was delighted with how fast it came back. I cannot believe the changes in only 30 days, in so many ways. I am well on my way to healing after just this short time and have no doubt I will be back on the trails this spring (when the Minnesota snow melts).

30/30 made me realize yoga has to be my first priority because it supports everything else I do in life, from raising my kids to running and biking to sleeping well and to making good food choices. I plan to continue with another round of 30/30 startingtomorrow.

I am so grateful for the team of Lauren and Travis. I love the way Lauren sounds like she is smiling whenever she talks. I like how well they work together. She is a wonderful addition (even if she’s a new “bad guy”!) and I look forward to more programs that feature them both. Yoga is a gift. I am grateful for those who choose to share it with the world. They are all treasures. Thank you for the journey.