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Your Story - Kelly

In March 2013 I became a single mum to two kids, both with additional needs. I was depressed, and at 243lbs not healthy. I started a yoga practice and stumbled on Ultimate Yogi and changed my ways and lost 50lbs. In 2015 I was told my son needed surgery for his spine, this led to me gaining back the 50lb and a few extra for good measure. I lost my way and lost my yoga. The surgery was in September 2015 and was a success and my son has rods from the top of his neck to the top of his toosh and pins in his pelvis! The stress for myself was immense which led to my depression hitting me full force and my health fell to the wayside. I occasionally came back to yoga in a half hearted attempt to gain back some control. This did not happen.

Then Travis and Lauren announced 30 for 30 and my interest piqued, I took a gamble and bought myself the series as a late Christmas present. Nerves got the better of me though and that self doubt kept creeping back. But 14 days ago I just went for it! 30 minutes daily has filled me with so much joy and in just 14 days my forward fold is already closer to my knees again and I feel at ease with asanas I thought I would have lost ability to come back to. I know weight is not important but when you are 246lb it is, 14 days in and 8.5lb down! Travis and Lauren will always be my favourite yogis to teach me and if they ever come to London I am THERE!