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Your Story - Jenny Bailey

“After reading Lauren’s post about losing her father, I felt I should share my story as well. I also lost my father this past March. It was a big reason I decided to buy the Yoga 30 for 30 program. I have loved Travis and Lauren’s classes for quiet a few years now, so I knew this program would be amazing.

I was looking for something shorter than my typical hour long yoga classes, to keep me on the mat during what I knew would be an emotionally and physically trying time. I also needed direction and a way to know which class to do everyday, to take away the stress of the decision making process. I knew following a program would allow me that. I have since done 2 full rounds of Yoga 30 for 30 and am so grateful for this program. It brought me back to my mat and back to myself. I even began meditating and completing the pranayama class, two things I hadn’t done much in the past.

I still feel lost some days and struggle with sadness, anger, disbelief, and all of the emotions of grief. Knowing I have this program to fall back on has definitely been a huge comfort. Thank you so much to Lauren and Travis for all they do and their amazing yoga classes!”