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Your Story - Heidi

I LOVE yoga! A friend dragged me to an early morning class about 10 years ago and it changed my life. I could not slow down or slow my mind down….until I found yoga. Within 6 months I started an extensive yoga teacher training to deepen my practice. About 6 years ago, I moved back home to Wisconsin and had a hard time finding a studio that I felt comfortable in. I would practice at home occasionally but I was really losing my connection to yoga. It was then that I randomly ran across the 108 day ultimate yoga program. I was so excited but also nervous because I had not been consistent for several years. I started that program in January 2014. It was very difficult but I stuck with it and completed it. I felt great!

My life is very hectic and my husband and I decided to buy some remote property and build on it about 3 hours from where we were living and I am working. He is retired so he took most of the burden but I was still back and forth often and we were maintaining two homes plus we have several animals (horses, dogs, cats). Something had to give and I lost yoga yet again. I could not commit to that much time every day. We are fully moved now but I am still working 3 hours away so I have to travel every other week. I was having a difficult time both physically and mentally without yoga. When I saw that Yoga 30 for 30 was coming out, I could not be more excited!

I bought it immediately and played with a few of the sessions in December. I fully committed to do the program in January and started January 1st. My life is still very hectic including moving my mother from Florida where she has lived since 1979 back home to WI. The key to the new program is the 30 minute sessions. Any person can make that much time in a day. I love most of the sequences and have found so much more inner peace. Thank you for making something that is easy to incorporate but still provides so much benefit.