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Your Story - Elisa

“I completed Travis’ Ultimate Yogi program in 2013, and absolutely loved his teaching style. It was a big year of personal growth, and I give a lot of credit to that program! Later that same year, I became pregnant with my first and only child, and ended up having major complications that resulted in a long hospitalization and the very early birth of my son, who also stayed in the hospital for months. He did wonderfully, and is now a healthy little boy who will be three in February, but my health suffered for a long time afterward. I struggled to get back to a regular yoga practice, and get back to my beloved sport of distance running.

Yoga 30 for 30 has been nothing short of AMAZING for me. Fortunately, I have remained injury and illness free thus far, and cannot believe the energy, peace, and joy I have come to feel from this program. The lessons have applied both on and off the mat (patience and control are major messages with a toddler, for sure), and I have even resumed a running practice! I wake up every day eager to feel that “yoga buzz.” In addition, I had not experienced a class taught by Lauren, and I love her teaching style just as much as I love Travis’. I want to thank you both so much for putting me back on the path to wellness, energy, and most of all, improvements in my relationships…”