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Your Story - Daniel

Before starting Yoga 30 for 30 I had been informed at work that they would not be extending my contract as a sport coach and that at the end of the month I would need to find another job. I work with children with special needs and the job means the world to me. I completed the ultimate yogi last year and remembered how happy and positive I became. So I decided to start Yoga 30 for 30 on January 1st. I set my intention to be more positive with the hope of regaining my job back.

Now I’ve nearly completed, I’ve managed to stay positive and flow through each day, and to my amazement my work have offered me another position with a higher salary and would mean I’m leading me own sport classes to the children, something I never dreamed would of happened! I truly believe that this has happened because I stayed positive and took my experience of yoga off of the mat and into my life! This program really has been a blessing! Thank you so much!