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Your Story - Colin

This could be a biased review being a past Ultimate Yogi 108 alumni but… hands down… Yoga 30 for 30 is FANTASTIC!

I just completed the program and couldn’t be happier with the time spent with Travis and Lauren over the past 30 days. This is classic Travis Eliot as we know him from his previous works. With a gentle, calming voice Travis guides you through each sweet practice with a sense of equanimity while challenging even the best of us to find our inner edge. Lauren compliments Travis with the same warming voice and flow. Together, Lauren and Travis have compiled a rewarding experience for any level of yoga practitioner who is looking for a challenge to their daily yoga routine.

Upon reaching the last practice ‘victory’, Travis and Lauren are so right when we face both the excitement and sadness when we come to the end of the program. Coming so far is truly an exciting achievement, however, a sense of sadness is also there because this is the last practice. My advice to any one interested in the program or currently participating in the Yoga 30 for 30 program is to savor every moment. Be immersed in the practice and soak up each asana like a sponge. The program goes by surprisingly fast but if you take the time to smell the roses along your journey you will find that you have truly transformed yourself physically and mentally.

For now, I’m personally looking forward to the ‘yoga 30 for 365′ which I’m sure both Travis and Lauren are hard at work producing right now. Until then, I’m already registered for Travis’ Yin Yoga program!!

Much gratitude to both of you for your hard work! Stay committed, stay inspired, and see you next time… on the mat!


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