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Your Story - Jenny Bailey

"After reading Lauren's post about losing her father, I felt I should share my story as well. I also lost my father this past March. It was a big reason I decided to buy the Yoga 30 for 30 program. I have loved Travis and Lauren's classes for quiet a few years now, so I knew this program would be amazing. I was looking for something shorter than my typical hour long yoga classes, to keep me on the mat during what I knew would be an emotionally and physically trying time. I also needed direction and a way to know which class to do everyday, to take away the stress of the decision making process. I knew following a... [ read more ]

Your Story - Jaime

My name is Jaime R, I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I am the proud mom of 2 beautiful little boys, Dylan who is 9 and Mason who is 2. On January 11, 2012, at the age of 31, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It was my darkest day...I don't even think at the time I could hear my neurologist talking after that. I remember being terrified of what my future would hold. My body had betrayed me. I remember thinking to myself this is it. I'm so young, I'm a could this happen? WHY did this happen? I heard my neurologist telling me I would be taking medicine now for the rest of my life. I take... [ read more ]

Your Story - Nicole

I am just starting my 2nd month of Yoga 30 for 30. It has brought me perspective and balance above anything else. I have finally learned a gentle respect for what my body is capable of learning. I no longer feel that success is based on pushing myself to my physical limits and feeling like the only success is a painful uncomfortable zone of stress. I am calm. I accept what my body and mind can achieve each day I don't obsess over a stumble in a pose or even a missed pose. I am strong and capable and enjoy the ride whatever may come from day to day. This is many years coming to this point and I firmly... [ read more ]

Your Story - Elisa

"I completed Travis' Ultimate Yogi program in 2013, and absolutely loved his teaching style. It was a big year of personal growth, and I give a lot of credit to that program! Later that same year, I became pregnant with my first and only child, and ended up having major complications that resulted in a long hospitalization and the very early birth of my son, who also stayed in the hospital for months. He did wonderfully, and is now a healthy little boy who will be three in February, but my health suffered for a long time afterward. I struggled to get back to a regular yoga practice, and get back to my beloved sport of distance running. Yoga 30... [ read more ]

Your Story - Daniel

Before starting Yoga 30 for 30 I had been informed at work that they would not be extending my contract as a sport coach and that at the end of the month I would need to find another job. I work with children with special needs and the job means the world to me. I completed the ultimate yogi last year and remembered how happy and positive I became. So I decided to start Yoga 30 for 30 on January 1st. I set my intention to be more positive with the hope of regaining my job back. Now I've nearly completed, I've managed to stay positive and flow through each day, and to my amazement my work have offered me... [ read more ]

Your Story - Kelly

In March 2013 I became a single mum to two kids, both with additional needs. I was depressed, and at 243lbs not healthy. I started a yoga practice and stumbled on Ultimate Yogi and changed my ways and lost 50lbs. In 2015 I was told my son needed surgery for his spine, this led to me gaining back the 50lb and a few extra for good measure. I lost my way and lost my yoga. The surgery was in September 2015 and was a success and my son has rods from the top of his neck to the top of his toosh and pins in his pelvis! The stress for myself was immense which led to my depression hitting me full... [ read more ]

Your Story - Kim

I was introduced to yoga at a young age but struggled to find the right yoga and right teacher for me. I wanted someone who was speaking to me, even though I couldn't be in a class. I found Travis in Ultimate Yogi and it was a life changing program. This was my yoga. UY allowed me to heal my knee after surgery 3 years ago so that I was able to return to trail running. I was told that would never happen. Last summer (2016) I injured my piriformis muscle due to focusing on running and letting go of yoga. I knew yoga would be the cure, and returned to it sporadically in October after several months of dealing... [ read more ]

Your Story - Drea

Small miracle ... Prior to this program I have spent 2 years absolutely crippled by an herniated disk in my lombar spine. While raising a 2 year old fully by myself, I was in agony for every minute of everyday. The mainstream doctors all said that my only hope was heavy anti-inflammatory and pain medicine as well as an operation. With the help of raw vegan foods, an holistic chiropractor and this amazing yoga 30for30 program, I am now back on my feet and pain-free for over 10 days. Today will mark my 2 weeks commitment to this program. I have lost 15 pounds and it truly feels like a small miracle to be able to move freely again!

Your Story - Colin

This could be a biased review being a past Ultimate Yogi 108 alumni but... hands down... Yoga 30 for 30 is FANTASTIC! I just completed the program and couldn't be happier with the time spent with Travis and Lauren over the past 30 days. This is classic Travis Eliot as we know him from his previous works. With a gentle, calming voice Travis guides you through each sweet practice with a sense of equanimity while challenging even the best of us to find our inner edge. Lauren compliments Travis with the same warming voice and flow. Together, Lauren and Travis have compiled a rewarding experience for any level of yoga practitioner who is looking for a challenge to their daily... [ read more ]

Your Story - Heidi

I LOVE yoga! A friend dragged me to an early morning class about 10 years ago and it changed my life. I could not slow down or slow my mind down....until I found yoga. Within 6 months I started an extensive yoga teacher training to deepen my practice. About 6 years ago, I moved back home to Wisconsin and had a hard time finding a studio that I felt comfortable in. I would practice at home occasionally but I was really losing my connection to yoga. It was then that I randomly ran across the 108 day ultimate yoga program. I was so excited but also nervous because I had not been consistent for several years. I started that program... [ read more ]