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Nutrition Program

Nutrition Program

One of the key components of Yoga 30 for 30 is your nutrition. To maximize your transformation, take this seriously. In fact, proper nutrition is almost as important as the yoga itself. We’ve chosen a clean, plant-based, whole-food eating schedule that is going to give you the fuel you need to thrive through the program.

For the 30 days, we will eliminate all processed foods, refined sugars, dairy and alcohol, and greatly reduce your consumption of wheat, gluten and caffeine. Your booklet includes a comprehensive, easy-to- follow 30-day meal plan. The plan isn’t about starving yourself — it’s about feeding your body nutrient-rich, wholesome food that will leave you buzzing with energy!

Note: We recommend choosing organic ingredients when they are available.

Our exclusive Nutrition Food Program is provided in partnership with Dori Lancaster (BA, NE, FPC) from Healing Thru Food.

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