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Class Descriptions


Welcome to the beginning of an exciting 30-day yoga journey. In this first practice, you will be setting your intention for the program. Setting an intention is like planting a seed. Daily, as you continue to show up on your mat, you will watch this seed of intention grow and evolve into something extraordinary. We are excited for you and can’t wait to begin. Be inspired, be consistent and let’s do this!


Prepare to move, sweat and build lasting endurance – not just physical, but mental, emotional and spiritual endurance. Learn to pay attention to the patterns of tension that take away from your efficiency, both on and off your mat. The efficiency and stamina you cultivate here will enrich and enhance your entire life.


It is often said that balance is not something you find; it’s something you create. Balance is a skill you can practice and even improve to build muscle and overall stability. In this practice, you will use physical balance, as well as moments of imbalance, as an opportunity to love and care for what you meet on the mat.


In this practice, you will improve spinal mobility, which is key to a healthy, pain-free life. Back bending can improve lung volume, build healthier shoulders and create a more stable lower back. You will need two yoga blocks for this practice.


Through a healthy range of motion, this practice will improve joint function and flexibility. This practice is the perfect opportunity to be in the flow and to practice graceful transitions through challenging moments.


For this practice, you will need a bolster and two blocks. If you don’t have a bolster, use two firm pillows or a stack of folded blankets or towels. This practice is not about pushing yourself physically or gaining flexibility. Give yourself permission to rest, rejuvenate and recharge in order to receive healing and a well-deserved break.

Arm Balances and Inversions

There is no doubt that this practice will challenge you, but remember that the greatest accomplishments of your life are the ones you work hardest to achieve. The goal of this practice is not the perfect arm balance or inversion. Its goal is to challenge yourself in a kind, supportive way with the knowledge that the moment we stop being challenged is the moment we stop growing.


Yoga 30 for 30 is a fast-paced, vinyasa-filled journey. As a result, your joints need time to rest. The mobility series specifically targets the wrists and shoulders to keep these joints stable, safe, lubricated and strong. You will need two yoga blocks for this practice.

Even Flow

In this practice, expect to get an even dosage of strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. This is a solid, all-around power yoga class that will leave you firing on all cylinders.


This practice is meant to be super sweet. At this point in the program, you have earned some time to kick back, take a load off and give yourself and your body some rest and relaxation.


In this twist-themed practice, we are going to wring your body out like a sponge. This special sequence will also electrify your spine. (Note: This practice is not recommended for women who are pregnant.)


Yin yoga helps prevent injury while giving the body an opportunity to rest and recover. Through this practice, you will strengthen and lengthen connective tissue. Although it may seem like a simple practice, these 30 minutes are the X-factor that will take your journey to the next level.


This practice will physically challenge you and will take you to your edge, because that’s where the sparks of transformation start to fly. You will build strength using your natural body weight and have a little fun while you do it.

Flow and Stretch

Flow and Stretch provides a solid dynamic flow. At the end of the practice, when your body is nice and warm, you’ll stretch everything out. The result is nothing short of perfection.

Chi Flow

In Chinese tradition, the word for “life force” is chi. (Yogis call this concept prana) Chi is the source of all energy. The more energy you have, the more alive you will be. In this practice, you’ll experience a fun, creative flow that will leave you feeling like a yoga ninja!


Now that you’ve made it to Day 30, it’s time celebrate your victory. This practice is an opportunity to reflect on the many practices you have moved through over the last 30 days as well as the transformation you’ve experienced by showing up day in and day out. Enjoy reminders from previous practices along with some exciting new additions! Congratulations!


Yoga 30 for 30 will enhance your physical strength while bringing power to your mind and heart, making this supplemental practice integral to your 30 day journey. Meditation is a key component of a healthy mind and body so include this practice for an experience that will transform your practice from the inside out.


This Core practice targets the abdominals and fuels the digestive fire. This powerful series will bring strength and tone to your mid section.


Pranayama helps you harness the power of your breath. This 10 minute practice will bring energy to your mind and body leaving you both physically centered and internally balanced.