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How to Take Your Practice Off the Mat

Yoga enhances your flexibility, strength, balance, mental clarity and more, but the practice is even more fulfilling when those qualities enhance your relationship with yourself and others. In Yoga 30 for 30, you often hear me reference “bringing your practice off the mat and into your life” so, to explore that potential further, here is an exercise to help you radically transform your life. Read more

A Date with Destiny

Right after graduating college I started working in the entertainment business in Wilmington, NC. At the time, my home state of North Carolina, was right behind California and New York for the largest activity of film production in the USA. I was a professional actor getting jobs in theater, commercials, industrials and small parts in TV. This now seems like another lifetime! Read more

Yoga 30 for 30 and Beyond

Yoga 30 for 30 was inspired by an ongoing influx of requests from students around the world asking for a yoga program that would fit into their busy schedules while supporting the cultivation of a sustainable, daily yoga practice. We recognized the reality of so many people expressing a desire for a daily practice but unable to commit for hours at a time. We felt this call was meaningful and wanted to help support people around the globe in creating a powerful, daily yoga practice, and Read more

The Healing Power of Yin

I was in downtown Los Angeles walking to my car after attending a meeting. It was a typical sunny and warm afternoon in southern California. My meeting went well and I was anxious to get to my car and to go get some food. I arrived upon the corner of a busy intersection waiting for the pedestrian light to signal ‘cross.’ Although I was alone on my side there were a couple of other people on the opposite side. One was a business man in a light grey suit and the other was a student jamming out to music. After the cross walk signaled to cross I began to go across the street. Read more